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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  October 17, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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art cashin putting up a note saying if this continues to accelerate to the down side technically that is not good. mead johnson a winner, takeover rumors there. >> i thought the segment on the october 19, 1987 was amazing because it was a friday before where that sell off really began. that will do it for "power lunch." >> "street signs" begins now. > . wild end to a wild week. stocks are soaring. gas prices are falling and we have one of the more surprisingly positive headlines that you will hear all week. we will tell you what that is coming up. even with today's roll back the three indexes are on track for their fourth straight weekly decline. let's get to our market reporters, rick santelli in chicago. bob, you tweeted out that the doves are flying.
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is there doubt that when it comes to who influences markets central banks rule the world. how much of today is due to central banks? >> no doubt overseas we started moving as soon as we heard remarks talking about buying assets in a number of days. it sort of looked like there was some kind of central bank coordination but it clearly moved the markets. i want to point out what is happening today. the good news is we have a big caporaly going on. look at the s&p 100. it is having a nice rally. you know these names. this is your general electrics which had earnings that were terrific, microsoft, exxon mobil. ge is a real mover right now. the russell 2000 which is the small cap group and then after
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that the russell 2000 has just turned negative and trending lower all throughout the day. this is a little disconcerting. you can throw in small caps that are weak today including coal stocks. look at some of the names in $2 range essentially right now. some of the smaller drillers like hero are also down today. i find this a little disconcerting. you do not usually get this kind of disconnect where the big caps stay up and small caps to start moving downward. >> thank you very much. we will keep on watching the small caps going into the close. let's get to rick santelli in chicago. how are yields closing out the week? >> it is pretty amazing if you forget that wednesday occurred although many people are still smarting from that we are only down eight basis points for the week. boons are down three basis points on the week, 386 from last week's 389. i think that is significant. i know bob keeps wanting to talk
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about the fed. the fact that we have maybe another tax hike in japan and recession potentially in europe, we have issues in china, weak retail sales i think the fed is an issue. six years after central banks stepped up large we are dealing with these issues that is what people are talking about down here with regard to central banks. there is plenty of good fundamental arguments that still can test the level of equities in many respects. on the other side of that you have europe's slide and deflation concerns and ebola. there is certainly a lot to be worried about. americans may be shrugging it off so far. latest read on consumer confidence coming in better than expected. it was the highest read for the university of michigan consumer sentiment index since back in 2007. so let's figure out what to do with this data. peter anderson is ceo of congress wealth management. lamar, i will begin with you. a lot to be worried about?
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maybe a lot to be positive about? where do you stand and what are some of your best ideas? >> we view it as a lot to be positive about. as you were talking about the disconnect between small caps and large caps that is this entire year. the russell 2000 is down 7% year to date whereas the s&p 500 is up 2%. that is a huge disconnect particularly considering small caps tend to outperform. for groups like ours who focus on smaller cap stocks it is a great opportunity to do some buying. >> i believe you have been doing more buying than in years. >> this is a very strong week for us now. we were selling bonds with the ten year treasury crossing be bt an all time high. >> peter, do you agree with lamar's assessment? things are better than they are
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bad? >> it is a little bit of both actually. if you look internationally things are pretty weak. if you look locally or nationally things look very strong. so we are still big advocates of u.s.-based equities across all capitalizations. i run a fund that is an all cap fund. w we are finding opportunities in all of those places. you have to be a bit of a contrarien especially this week. it is taking a lot of courage for most of us to buy on this dip. this market is not easily stereotyped. we have seen other sell downs that have been a little bit more easy to describe. this one is really kind of confounding. i will tell you what i have done this week. i stood totally on the sidelines waiting to see if you can get some signal through all of this noise. we are still going to have more volatility until ebola and the european situation, all that
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until we get that more clarity and signals from fed chair yellen i think is going to be tough for a lot of people unless they have a lot of courage to buy on this dip. >> you have three picks and to what degree do those three picks manage to put aside what you mentioned? >> exactly. i mean, there are some stocks out there that are just almost hitting you in the face to say this is incredible value even when wrou have this kind of volatility. let me throw out one right now. i don't know how much your viewers know about this stock. it is in line to convert to a real estate investment trust. it has had a rocky road along that way. if you remember the irs has been scrutinizing in a lot of detail whether or not it should convert. it gave a recent strong sign yesterday, the company did, that it will probably convert to a
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riet because it has to pay out, there are technicalities before it declares itself a riet. it is in the process of doing that. if it does that successfully there is a stock that is under valued anywhere from 20% to 35%. >> what if it doesn't? it is a data center company and that is why it is having issues, not an apartment so the irs has to work out rules. what if they decide it doesn't deserve riet status would you sell or buy? >> that's exactly why it's an opportunity is because it has two other peers that have converted to riet successfully. just imagine the logic here. if the irs were to say no you can't convert what are they going to do with the other two companies that have already converted to riet status? it would be very, very confusing. and the second thing is they have made an announcement that they are paying out a profit that has a technical requirement to do that before they convert
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to a riet and to us that message was just disclosed last night after the market closed. to us that is a very, very strong indicator that the company is getting a heads up from the irs that it will absolutely with 100% certainty or let me give you 99.5% certainty that it will convert. >> we probably don't have time for all three of your picks but i have chosen one in particular. that is sanchez in the energy patch along with other energy names that has taken a bit of a hit. i believe it lost about half values fraum highs. >> the way we look at the market right now is there is obviously a lot of great values. the market is on sale. you look at my mother-in-law is basically a ninja shopper. she knows what she wants and she waits for it to fall to the right price. we are not just going to buy the market and the dip. we only buy 20 to 25 of our absolute best ideas in the portfolio.
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we need to find the right one. sanchez is one where we spend a lot of time one-on-one with the management team. this is a company that made a hugely strategically important basically doubled the size of the company by buying a huge amount of assets from texas which is a great play. the economics there are great. we think the outlook for the company is very strong. there is sort of the baby has gotten thrown out with the bath water. this is a chance to buy a great asset on sale. you have the commodity risk but we think it is responsible for investors to have energy exposure in their portfolio. >> and mashes the thanksgiving potatoes apparently with nunchucks. >> the housing market recovering. painted a much better picture for multi family than single family homes.
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joining us now from san francisco is our good friend. what picture are we seeing at the moment and is it getting better? >> we saw this month was first of all not only a big increase year over year in multi family starts but a big increase in multi family completions, in other words more apartment buildings that are getting finished and coming on to the market. that is a big deal because rents are rising. rental affordability is a crisis in a lot of markets. the additional supply is great news for renters who are looking for a place to live. >> what is your biggest concern about housing? >> my biggest concern is that it is not getting enough help from the job market. the share of young adults who are working looks closer to where it was during the recession than to long term normal levels. if they are not working they are living with their parents and are not going to become homeowners for years. >> we have a good weekly jobless claims numbers this week. there are some positive tells.
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i do hear you about labor force participation. >> when we look at not just participation but the share of the young adults who are actually working, those who actually have jobs still closer to where it was during the recession. and the young adult, 25 to 34 year old who doesn't have a job is about two thirds more likely to be living with parents than young adult with a job. >> picking up potential problems that you see, how much are low mortgage rates helping? certainly we are continuing to see low interest rates to what degree do you think we start to see another helping hand, maybe another maybe leg up in terms of refis and people applying for mortgage? >> some people have pointed to the decline in mortgage rates this week calling for another refiboom. i think the bigger effect on the economy, though, is that the lower rates get the more affordable buying looks compared
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to renting. right now buying looks 38% cheaper than renting nationally. that is a bigger gap than we saw a year ago partly because rents are rising and also because mortgage rates have been falling. >> you know we are going to leave it there. i know we have existing home sales number coming out on tuesday of next week. that is a biggy so i suspect we will see you sooner rather than later. >> can't wait. coming up next the white house stepping up its efforts to stem the ebola here in the united states. is it enough? the one piece of technology that might stop the spread of ebola here in america. athena health ceo jonathan bush will join us to talk about that. let's take a look at the nasdaq 100. there you go. we are at the lows of the day on the nasdaq from what i hear. stick around anyway. we are back after this. i'm type e.
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and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal, when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. the u.s. government stepping up efforts to stop ebola. >> among criticisms that the administration has bungled the u.s. response to the ebola outbreak president obama is naming long time beltway insider ron klain as ebola response coordinator. he will be responsible for coordinating the administration's response. this as fears mount that the
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disease could spread. we learned today that a health care worker who handled samples from thomas eric duncan got on a cruise ship and hasn't shown any symptoms 19 days after handling the samples. we just got word from carnival cruises that the ship will return to galveston, texas on sunday morning. vinson who is being treated in atlanta was reportedly feeling funny last weekend when she travelled to ohio. the cdc only cackontacted passengers on the return floig at first. doctors said nina pham is in fair condition. >> what about tom frieden? >> a lot of criticisms is that
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the cdc should have been in charge but we are hearing the cdc might not have had jurisdiction and it is a local issue. >> they don't. the cdc has no federal jurisdiction to ban people from traveling inside of a state. that is a state's right issue. i'm not defending the cdc but you get the point. they are strung in what they are able to do. >> that is why he is getting the heat. he is trying to communicate a lot to let people know they are getting updated information as soon as it is available but that put him in the cross hairs. >> thank you very much. overall today stocks are soaring. athena health it is down. the company reporting in line earnings. there is concern about bookings growth. joining us now is athena health ceo jonathan bush.
2:18 pm
we have a lot to discuss. let's go now obviously to ebola. as a ceo of health care data company, what is your take on how the cdc is doing. is america doing a good job? >> we are doing fine. with three patients across 330 million of us with no prior experience with this, we are doing absolutely fine. what is fun is as the ceo of athena health we have 56 million patients on our one database and have been able to change the way every doctor in the country accesses ebola information and we have been able to start troling for evidence of ebola across all patients seen passively in the markets that are concerned in consultation with our texas-based clients. i am feeling very good about our ability to respond to ebola and our country's ability to respond. >> what more could we do that could be better? if you were in charge what would
2:19 pm
you be doing? >> i don't think i would be doing anything more than the media is doing today. i think one really important thing is when you get a case you do need folks that are concentrated skilled folks to go in and work the routines because the thing about medicine or any kind of disaster across any part of our society is to respond to it even if you know how it is not something you do all the time. you never do it. to need to act a certain way with great discipline having not practiced it is really hard. this is what s.w.a.t. teams are for and what specialists are for in medicine as they practice a narrowly used art very frequently. the other thing is trolling. keeping the fact that we have this health care internet emerging, keeping vigilance up when you see signs and symptoms set that looks like it could be something to raise a flag. certainly that is happening.
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>> are we looking to the government too much here? i have a lot of viewers writing in whenever we talk about the government they say stay out of my business. . the government has no business in my business. now everybody is like the government is not doing enough. we hate the government until we need them to do something. are we blaming the government too much for every single thing? there are things that happen in nature and life that nobody can control. >> right. >> like my voice. >> we have a nation of big fat babies. we are wealthy and worked hard to be big fat babies. of course, the government isn't supposed to instantly be able to make ebola go away. of course, the range and the scale of the reaction i think is probably because that is the kind of government we want these days because we are saying it is the cdc guy in trouble for not making ebola go away in seven days. i do think that it points up a larger issue that is much more
2:21 pm
significant than ebola which is we have very bad process control in health care. all different hospitals are on separate computer systems that they set up themselves the best they can and try to get the different clinical support decisions inside their systems separately and that is just not cool in an era of the internet. they should all be networked and connected. it is happening but health care moves very slowly. it doesn't have a demand curve the way other markets do. the best idea doesn't rip through the market the way the best iphone does. this ebola reaction is a great example of that. >> can i ask you about your earnings here? as we saw a moment ago your stock prices down by about 10%. it seems the problem here is that maybe your bookings growth looked a little soft. to what degree might those soft bookings impact your 2015 outlook? >> well, absolutely if we don't
2:22 pm
book we don't get revenue and if we don't get revenue we don't grow. as you know we grow on average 30% a year. i think the clinical term is that doesn't suck. we are okay with occasionally doing only 25 instead of 30 and we are certainly okay in a market where more and more doctors work for hospitals so you have very large political deals related to your ability to add doctors to the network. those sales get lumpy and gravitate towards the end of the quarter and end of the year. we are yet again every year will we make it? will big deals that we are working on sign in time to begin implementation? >> two analyst notes i read today on your earnings said not bad but they want to see a big win, what they call the enterprise customer. what is your sales force telling you about getting the big fish? are they closer? >> you are absolutely right. the small group segment is rocking away doing great. the group practice segment is
2:23 pm
rocking. the enterprise segment is either going to knock the lights out or miss because you have a small number of really big deals. will the baby come out before new year's or will it not? and it's always the way. our sales force is saying leave me alone, i'm busy. we are saying skrus do your thing. >> ceo of athena health. it was a great pleasure to get your take on ebola, your corporate earnings. we talked about everything except for the jets sucking again last night but we won't. >> i am available for that on the next one. take care, you guys. >> still ahead, troubled teens and a college teen that is crushing it. we get your sunshine stock and disaster names coming up. earlier on it was the best day of the year for the s&p 500. we are off the highs right now but still sitting up by nearly 1% of the s&p at 1,880. all ten sectors on the s&p are moving higher. industrials the leader. you need to catch the 4:10
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the year. the stock is down big. number of down grades on the name bad across the board. let's take a look at what is happening at the sunshine. a beautiful day in the northeast. let's bring in the sunshine. for profit education stock soaring today after it signed more students than expected. itt is up over 30%. a stock stud alert. one firm says this small cap is going to more than double. small cap that is going to more than double. it is a big call. we will tell you the name ahead. >> we are also minutes away from the final oil trades crossing for this very wild week. we will take you live for the settle. try new things. try new things. what's wrong with trying new things? feel that in your muscles? yeah... i do... try a new way to bank, where no branches equals great rates.
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2:31 pm
the equity market continues to stabilize. i want to point out wti is about 3% on the week. for the last three months wti and brent both down 20%. this is still an oversupply story at this point. that is why we are not moving materially higher. also still plagued by the stronger dollar and, of course, traders are saying some of the fluctuations we are seeing are buying the dips here. i do want to point out this is great news for consumers. aaa saying the national price for a gallon of regular is $3.14 down 23 cents in just one month. you have a third of the states in the united states under $3 a gallon. when people are filling up at the pump they are paying less for their gas and economists think that will trickle into the rest of the economy and other spending. yesterday i spotted
2:32 pm
something beautiful. it wasn't a lepreconriding a unicorn over a rainbow but it was gasoline. new face to cnbc, our sincere thank you for apologies for the next interview. thank you for joining us. how low do you see oil prices go? all of america if not talking about ebola are aflutter about gas prices. >> i assume that is for tamara. >> a bit of a problem. >> sit tight. there you are. we say sit tight and it works. go ahead. how low do you see oil prices headed if lower at all? >> we certainly see oil prices trending downward in the near term. jackie mentioned a bunch of
2:33 pm
factors going on that is pressuring prices lower. the interesting thing is on the role that u.s. producers are playing in jacking up production and how much that has accounted for 75% of production growth over the past four or five years. on the fundamental side the factors are really bearish in terms of prices for crude oil. >> the idea that the saudis are going to come to the rescue like the past has been dashed. >> you talk about the past they have come to the rescue in the past. one of the benefits of being around such a long time is that i remember periods particularly 1985 and 1986 and 1988 and '89 period where the saudis said we will need support here. '85-'86 they got it from other opec members. so i think that on thanksgiving day when everybody in the u.s. is sitting down to turkey the real fireworks are going to be
2:34 pm
going on in vienna where opec is meeting that day. the saudis i think are making it clear through their actions that if anybody is waiting to do unilateral support it is not going to happen. >> and also planning to oppose production cuts to the ceiling at opec? >> you look at the numbers the quickest number to look at to get a sense of balance is the actual level of production versus the iea's call on outpresideoutput. right now the call is below 29 million barrels a day. when you look at that you think this is a long way to go. i think we will have probably a counter cyclical build in inventories. usually you draw inventories in the fourth quarter. we are probably going to build it. you can see this is a very bearish scenario. >> right now can the u.s. shale gas revolution withstand an $83 price point? >> certainly there is a lot of
2:35 pm
variability in the break even. this week it was said 90% of u.s. shale is break even below $60. earlier this week some regulators said there are parts of the balken that are break even at 28. there is a wide varability and wide level of wiggle room before you start to see shutting to current production. >> i want to add to that. the big question everybody is running around is the question, what is the break even point? or just shale in general. the numbers are all over the place. >> you can't say what is the break even point? if i started sullivan energy tomorrow my price per barrel will probably be $80 but if i'm 20 years old it could be $20 a
2:36 pm
barrel. >> it is all sunk costs. you can operate at a lot less. the number about $28 i hadn't heard that. the point is that there seems to be going into this some view that all of north dakota was going to be shutting down once we got back to levels. 83 would be fine and dandy. i don't know if they are fine and dandy in venezuela. i think north dakota will be okay. >> there is no one single price for paying. >> i apologize about brian completely jinxing your first appearance on cnbc. you jinxed her. >> it is my fault. >> it is all your fault. it always is. let's bring up a chart. i saw this chart this morning and on twitter. i thought it really does say a lot about what has been going on in the market here. if you can take a look here from thompson reuters showing right before the oil crash that we have been seeing the bullish bets on oil hit the highest level in a decade. that is brutal.
2:37 pm
>> bad timing. >> bad timing. >> that explains a lot of what is happening now. >> absolutely. what? >> that explains a lot of what is happening. >> exactly. >> everybody is trying to cover their rear ends. they said that oil is well that ends well. don't go anywhere. you have to see if the day can end with our best day for stocks in the year. with this market anything can and possibly will happen. >> one stock not participating in the big rally is google. does it mean that now may be the time to jump in? "street signs" will be right back with talking numbers and street talk. [ male announcer ] your love for trading never stops. so if you get a trade idea about, say, organic food stocks, schwab can help. with a trading specialist just a tap away. what's on your mind, lisa? i'd like to talk about a trade idea. let's hear it. [ male announcer ] see how schwab
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time for something we do every single day "street talk" getting five analyst calls on stocks you need to know about moving in the markets today.
2:41 pm
we have been hearing from goldman sachs ceo. today his bank is getting an upgrade. >> they are upgraded to outperform. they boost to $195 a share. very solid quarter. big hedge fund lands down partners. it increased its stake in goldman sachs. hilton world wide see ag nice upgrade. >> to a buy from a neutral. positive comments on the hotel company citing yesterday's market correction saying the stock fell. it is more attractive. if you like it now you should love it at a lower price. that's genius. next up, another hotel chain and another upgrade, hyatt hotel. >> mccorey bank upgrading hyatt. they love the growth story boosted to 68 from 65.
2:42 pm
you see about 20% upside to the current price. the average target lower at 65.71. >> southwestern energy getting an upgrade after a big deal. >> southwestern buying a lot of gas and oil assets in pennsylvania and west virginia. raymond james loves it. upgraded from outperform from market perform. their target 45. that is about 40% upside. and our under the radar name of the day, foundation medicine. >> this is the call that we said was bold. this is the call for more than a double. this is a company based in massachusetts. they are focused on fighting cancer through better understanding molecular changes in the body. starts with an outperform in a $45 target. the stock is at 2324. when i wrote street talk this morning it was below that price. we will call it basically a
2:43 pm
double. be careful. i don't like the huge price upsides. it is getting attention, the stock is soaring. here you go. now to another segment we do every single day, "talking numbers" a daily look at a stock from a fundamental and technical perspective. let's take a look at the stock mandy mentioned, google. todd gordon on the technicals. gene munford. >> how does google -- >> we are going to do google l. google l and all google shares have been under performing the nasdaq through most of the year. antitrust issues, have them priced into the stock. if you overlay google on top of the nasdaq through most of 2014 google under performing the nasdaq. google said not so much at about $610. here we are almost $100 lower.
2:44 pm
if we move down to the action chart, a trade i was looking to put on here is google broke down through key support around $540. i was going to come and say guys we want to be short google to go down and test the real level which is about 510 which is the previous low. i was going to tell you during lunch to go short. it dropped about $15 in that time. better to not chase it at this point and wait to see what happens at 510. if we break we have more to go. if we hold the trade is in tact. >> what about the fundamental side? >> there is the issue today which is i would say this is the trees versus the forest. it is the paid click versus cpcs. cpcs is how much revenue for each click. the paid click number was a disappointment. they made more money per each search. that was positive but investors really like that engagement part.
2:45 pm
i think that is the issue today. that is why the stock is down 3%. i think more importantly over the next three, six, five years is google has a lot of data and regulation but data will win longer term and google is the best positioned company when it comes to data. we feel optimistic about the fundamentals. >> sounds like you are using the day's buying opportunity? >> i think if you have an outlook of three months or longer today is a great time to own google. >> aren't you concerned about price kmaudatization? >> they have lead market share about 75% share in the u.s. and i don't think that bing is going to be able to gain much share. if there was a competitor to chip around search share. there is concern about what facebook is doing with their atlas but not on branding side. kind of would overlap more with
2:46 pm
what google has with double click. there is competition out there. facebook is the new face of competition. it is not something that concerns us because they really own the search market. >> thank you very much for joining us. we can also see the talking numbers in partnership with yahoo finance if you choose to do so. up ahead the three things you need to know for some mighty boring cocktail party conversations. >> remind me not to talk to you at the cocktail party. two top financial advisers share with you the advice they have been giving clients who have been calling in or e-mailing all week. stay with us.
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2:50 pm
probably have exposure to some of these stocks. if you look at the overall s&p 500 we are down about 1% after today's gains. lots of volatility. we are about 6% away from record highs that we saw back month. so let's take a look at the widely held stocks. first off, here, you have apple. the most popular according to fact set. since this week has started here, down about 3%. again, it is up 1% today and worse than the overall market. a big catalyst on monday with its earnings in apple pay. second most popular stock is microsoft. another tech titan here and we want to tune in monday with the exclusive interview and microsoft shares here down a percent so far this week. so a little bit better than the overall market. the third most popular one is oil giant exxonmobil. you can see the shares exxonmobil looking at this one, down about a percent, as well.
2:51 pm
again, beating the overall market. widely owned stock. this is a financial. it's wells fargo down 4% and again a discount to the market. a place where some investors may be looking for exposure and then the fifth most popular stock is one we all know. consumer products and pharmaceuticals giant johnson & johnson. down 3%, worse than the overall market. some of them have done and worse than others and spots for bargain hunting for some investors given today's rally. >> dom, thank you very much for that. where should we be putting our money and where is your portfolio headed? we have two financial advisers here with answers. tim, we were joking that you guys have probably been getting
2:52 pm
calls, e-mails or fax or two asking for advice. unfortunately, probably not a joke, right? what have you been telling your clients? >> well, mandy, thank goodness i got a starbucks on the way to the studio to lift me up because the program i was listening to on the program dedicated to the things we should be afraid about and one of the fears foremost in people's minds these days is what the market has been doing so yes i have had some conversations. i'm reminding folks there's ways to gain from market losses. one is to look at buying through rebalancing and taxable investment accounts and the third for somebody not calling me as a client but somebody just trying to figure out what's up is to start from scratch by developing a very good investment strategy that prepares for events like this. it doesn't just react to them. >> tim, what shall we listen to? tune in to cnbc. we highlighted consumer
2:53 pm
confidence, lower gas prices, jobless claims better than expected. we've been all over the hopium for three years and three years ago people called us crazy. now we're just amazing. >> i was trying to find you on satellite radio and pay attention to the road. i apologize. >> that's fair. to be safe. ivo ivory, your clients called. they're nervous, the fed, europe, what do you tell them? >> notwithstanding the headlines we see, i agree with tim is that they all have a plan. they all have a long-term plan and it's never a good idea to change that long-term plan when you're under a period of distress so i say stick to the plan unless the conditions changed, unless you need the money sooner than you did before. one caveat, of course, if you have some positions that you have big gains on, maybe now's a time to take some profits on the flip side of the coin, there's positioning fallen out of favor, now might be a good exit strategy and perhaps 10 or 20%
2:54 pm
in the cash on the sidelines and fundamentally from a valuation standpoint, stocks are attractive. corporate earnings, profits are still all-time high. we have had 55 months of private sector job growth so there are good fundamental issues to brag about and, you know, the biggest concern, of course, the last two times quantitative easing ended the market did drop 13% and 17% respectively and probably the bigger concerns. >> youi raise a good point of that, ivory, because depending on the main influence on the markets, geopolitics or fear of ebola or the earnings or the fed but there's a dominant driver. do you think maybe over the next few weeks and months, the actions and the verbalizing of the fed is the main driver of the markets? i mean, today i'm sort of seeing commentary of qe4, at the very least delaying the end of the
2:55 pm
taper. >> even bullard's comments of delay in the taper help move the markets yesterday. you know, look. $4 trillion on the fed's balance sheet, i would be surprised if there's another level particularly since there's no reason. the unemployment rate if you exclude the u-6 null bers at 5.6% and no reason for another level of easing and not just the quantitative easing. new york stock exchange margin debt is over 400 billion last time it was this high is 2007. looking at stock buybacks, again, very high correlation and increased demand for shares and reduced supply and the three things, quantitative easing, debt and stock buyback are pushing the market higher. that's not an economic issue. that's an event risk and the biggest concern. >> quickly, tim. we have all been guessing and betting when the fed will raise
2:56 pm
rates. i ask for a different date prediction on this show. okay? >> okay. >> when will we be able to do a full hour of "street signs" and talk about the stock market and not talk about the ecb? >> i hope october 2014 and love to have something else to talk about. >> not going to happen. >> thank you very much. >> hey, tim? tim? channel 112. 112. >> got it. >> thank you. watch the road. >> will do. >> ivory, thank you. >> thank you. all right. coming up, the three things that you need to know before we go. >> and also, brian and i have our stocks of the week, names that stood out for good or bad reasons. stick around. go ahead and put your bag right here. have a nice flight! traveling can feel like one big mystery. you're never quite sure what is coming your way. but when you've got an entire company
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2:58 pm
what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
2:59 pm
okay. time now for the standout stocks of the week. of course, there are lots and lots of them to choose from. be my guest and go first. >> the best in the s&p 500 this week, textron. their jet business with cessna strong. bell helicopter was a bit weak and lower oil prices may help a big shout out to rhode island where they're based. >> my stock is chesapeake. the flip side of that southwestern story that you gave us in "street talk" here. up over 6% this week offloading oil and gas to rival southwestern and really helped chesapeake to pay down their $11 billion in debt and shifts away
3:00 pm
from gas and towards more crude in texas and wyoming. down about 25% in fact past 3 months. okay. we don't have time for three things to know about this week? don't have time. the one thing to know is "closing bell" continues the excellent market coverage and starts in a few second. >> the other important thing is have a great weekend, everybody. see you monday. >> thank you, mandy and brian. welcome to "the closing bell." i'm kelly evans at the new york stock exchange. >> good to see you again. i'm scott wapner in for bill griffith. >> and the markets right now, this is interesting. take a look at the dow. 16,345 roughly. that's behind the intraday high and almost exactly a month ago on september 19th. and so, now september 19th was also the day of the alibaba ipo, was it not?


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